Welcome to Brooke's photo album. This is a collection of pictures Brooke has taken and sent to me. We hope you enjoy them.
Brooke's dog Daisy gets into the holiday spirit

Brooke's latest set of pictures-Autumn 2017

Fall 2017-Some new pictures from Brooke

Three of Brooke's recent pictures-June 2017

As you can see here and elsewhere Brooke likes taking pictures of flowers with butterflies and moths
Here is a more recent picture of one of Brooke's favorite subjects

These flowers are currently blooming in Brooke's yard. Anyone know what they are?
flowers flowers

Brooke spent a recent morning with us taking pictures at The Pleasance in Newtown and Southford Falls in Southbury. The camera she used was a Canon Rebel.

Here are some recent pictures Brooke took of herself, the family chickens and Brooke's friends at the end of the school year

Brooke took this picture from her backyard on May 20 at about 3:30 P.M.

Brooke and her family recently returned from a trip to Jamaica. Here are some of the pictures she took.

Do you see the butterfly & praying mantis in one of these pictures!


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