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All photos by George Stockwell

The bobcat and cowolf shown below were recently caught on a trail cam in my daughter's yard in Southbury. Pretty healthy looking animals.

These four pieces are the result of Sandi's recent painting course.

I recently took Nick & Cole to Waterbury/Oxford Airport for the Wings of Freedom tour. It was great. Gave the boys an opportunity to see a B17, B24, B25 and a couple of fighter planes.

These kittens were found under a piece of abandoned farm equipment in a field in PA.
Caught on my trail cam this young buck samples the hibiscus in our front yard.

Morning Glory finally blooming. Late August.
Late August sunflowers coming along nicely.

Two of the many hibiscus in our yard.

Nicholas's 5th grade team kicks off the season with a 30-6 win.


Pretty July clouds

Sandi and daughter-in-law Jen attended the Colin Whitmore Memorial Sip and Paint event. The sunfowers shown below are the result of that evening's efforts. Sandi on the left. Jen on the right.

Taken by my trail cam at 7 A.M. March 17th. Exactly one year ago the same trail cam took a picture of possibly the same animal.

First big storm of the season. Ten inches of wet, heavy snow. March 4th.

More visits from our friend who seems to have taken up residence.

This fox recently limped through our yard and stopped for a rest in the woods. Clearly hurt.
January 2019 Wolf Moon. Bright enough to light up the oaks it's peeking through.

Christmas 2018

Our buddy is back. Looking to put on more weight before his long sleep!

Recent visitors in my yard. I took the picture of the deer. My trail cam took the pictures of the bear.

Courtney competes in a recent cross country meet. She came in 3rd out of over 80!
Harvest Moon

First day of school for Brooke & Courtney. Brooke heads off to high school and Courtney 7th grade.

Cole & Nicholas kick off a new season of football and prepare to head off to their first day of school. Cole heads to Reed Intermediate as a 5th grader and Nick is a 4th grader at Sandy Hook.

Courtney enjoys a recent sunny day
Mr. Finch says, "hello there"!

Just witnessed this guy grabbing a squirrel from under our bird feeder. Nature in action.
One of hundreds of clumps of violets in our yard
Found this little guy on the walkway of our condo in Naples, FL

A terrified woodpecker stays very still as an observer closeby looks on.
American goldfinch changing to summer colors

Recent photos from my trail cam. These were taken about 20 ft from our front door. Bobcat and raccoon.

Bird feeder activity and night visitors

A recent family gathering to celebrate George's 75th birthday and Jen's birthday
Same group-Silly picture

Here I come; is it safe? Out I go!

Recent pictures taken in October 2017

Autumn Mums
Clouds on a windyfall day

September full moon
Another picture of one of many frequent visitors to our butterfly bushes
Crescent moon against a setting sun

I've been told these caterpillars are deadly. They do in fact secrete a substance that can be irritating but they are not lethal.
Our butterfly bush is drawing many customers

Recent morning guests

August Full Moon
Bunny outside front door
A yellow bear caterpillar taken in a local cemetary

This picture gives new meaning to "the wrong side of the tracks"
A frequent visitor to my yard.

Spring time in my yard.
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home (if you're a squirrel!)

I discovered these photo worthyobjects on recent trip to Fairfield Hills. A gnarly tree; a lonely bale of hay under a lightning struck tree; an abandoned tractor; and a weather beaten door on one of the old brick buildings shown below.


Our grand dogs-Boomer & Daisy

One of many crows who visit my feeder. They're pigs with wings!
A crocus peeks through the chips and leaves
A recent afternoon in my son's neighborhood

Images from the Catherine Violet Hubbard Sanctuary

Fairfield Hills in mid March after the blizzard.


Early morning visitors
The biggest mushroom I've ever seen. Presented to me by a friend who knows how much I dislike them.
A confused woodpecker at our hummingbird feeder

From our backyard-butterfly bushes growing wild and a black swallowtail butterfly

Recent cloud formations in CT

I spent a recent morning taking pictures with grand daughter Brooke (check out her web page). These are mine (except one) which I took at Southford Falls in Southbury.

I spent a recent morning taking pictures with grand daughter Brooke (check out her web page). These are mine which I took at The Pleasance in Newtown.

Our bird feeders & yard were a very popular place on a recent summer afternoon

We ran across this little guy on a recent walk in Naples. He was grazing by one of the many ponds in our community.
A nice evening walk through the meadow at Fairfield Hills

Four turkeys at our front door-Late January

Spotted in my daughter's yard in Southbury, CT, Nov. 17, 2015. The animal seen here is very likely some sort of hybrid. Too large to be a coyote and probably not a wolf. Best guess is a cross between the two. Photo compliments of Becky Sullivan.
March 5-a well fed coyote spotted in my daughter's Southbury back yard not far from their chicken coop.















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